About Us

Social Weather is a new initiative of the Barnes Family Foundation, in partnership with University of Washington’s Population Health Initiative, that seeks to identify and develop tools, resources, and data to assess, measure, and intervene to improve community well-being.


The Social Weather Action Plan

The Social Weather team has developed the following action plan to realize the vision of improving the well-being of communities through data:

Improving the quality and availability of well-being data for communities by identifying sources of untapped data and improving the level of detail and timeliness of data to better measure well-being.



Creating an interactive platform that will make well-being data more accessible through interactive data visualizations and additional tools and resources to support communities in making data-driven decisions.


Incorporating novel tools  and features that allow counties to compare their data to similar counties to develop a more nuanced assessment of where they are doing well and where they can most improve their well-being outcomes.

Partner With Us

The Social Weather team knows it is imperative to collaborate with communities, academic partners, and decision-makers to achieve maximum success. We look forward to working with partners as we embark on these next steps of the project. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about this initiative or how you can get involved.

There is a growing trend across the world where countries are beginning to create policies and allocate resources based on how their communities are faring, rather than considering solely economic growth. Yet, there has been little progress in the availability and quality of population health data to support decision-making and priority-setting to improve well-being.

Download an overview of the Social Weather initiative (PDF) below.

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