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Social Weather is a new initiative of the Barnes Family Foundation, in partnership with University of Washington’s Population Health Initiative, that seeks to identify and develop tools, resources, and data to assess, measure, and intervene to improve community well-being.

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New Zealand case study shows mental wellbeing benefits from social engagement

Strong social connectedness is proven to positively impact a person’s health and well-being, while weaker social connectedness often leads to ...

Social Weather commentary piece published in Think Global Health

Members of the Social Weather team recently authored a commentary piece that was published in Think Global Health. In it, ...

New York based initiative utilizes public spaces for social connection

The design of New York City’s built environment has created an abundance of social isolation and crime over the years ...

Funding data disaggregation is essential to furthering health equity

Data disaggregation is an imperative focus in the mission to achieve health equity in the research community. Disaggregating data creates ...

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